android dabblings

I've been checking out my options regarding Android builds and it turns out making an unsigned debug apk is actually pretty easy.

It's cool to know that the days where we had to bundle an entire copy of Chromium just to get our HTML5 games working are gone. This first mobile build of Worst Chess is of course super broken but hey it runs pretty well on my shitty 2015 budget smartphone, so that's at least something.

I've made the build available here in case any of y'all want to try it out. Don't bother reporting issues though at this point. I'm aware of all of them and I don't have the time to fix anything anyway right now, because that dang thesis won't write itself. ♘🔫

(Debug APKs can't be installed without enabling hidden Developer Modes so use at your own risk, etc etc)


Worst 5 MB
Version 0.3 Jun 13, 2018

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