A PETSCII-style* shoot 'em up featuring cryptic aliens, way too many projectiles, and a secret ending. Made for Ludum Dare 40.

All art and programming were done by me.

All music and sound effects by Juan Orjuela



Known Issues:

  • Audio tends to glitch out
  • Some enemies are invulnerable sometimes
  • Player progression is a little messed up right now
  • No real game over state (except the secret one)
  • Missing Boss fight

Tools used:

  • Construct 3
  • Playscii by JP LeBreton
  • *not exactly PETSCII. I used Playscii's custom "JPETSCII" charset
  • Pico-8 Colour Palette
  • Bfx

Please note:

You can play this game for free in your browser for now (at the top of this page). If you like Captain Alexia and want to support me in developing a more advanced version with more enemies, a better progression and boss fights, you can buy standalone desktop versions below. This will also give you access to any future versions I might release. Thank you.


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Captain Alexia (Windows) 53 MB
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Captain Alexia (Linux 32bit) 51 MB
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Ah, sorry about that. I'm working on it.

OK, thanks!

very nice! :D