You are the ultimate soldier! Defend your Country™ from a comfortable office chair while nobody can do you harm. Operate your drone over some generic middle eastern landscapes you know nothing about and hit those faceless targets!

Keyboard Controls

WASD / Arrow Keys — Move
J / K — Shoot
Enter — Pause Game
F — Toggle Fullscreen*
P — Switch Color Palette (requires WebGL)
Escape — Quit/Close Game*

*Only works in the offline version.

Gamepad Controls

Sticks / D-Pad — Move
Buttons — Shoot
Start Button — Pause Game
Select / Back — Switch Color Palette (requires WebGL)

Note: To prevent websites from tracking users by their available controllers, most browsers supporting Gamepad input will report that there are no controllers connected until a button is pressed on one of the devices.


This game was inspired by Out of Sight, Out of Mind. A visualization of all documented drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004.

Made in a week in collaboration with Shortee for GBJam 3.

The music tracks in this game are all based on Split me EP by finnish chiptune artist OJJ.


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