Ludum Dare 32 Jam Entry


Hold LMB to aim, RMB activates the Unconventional Weapon.

Gamepads should also work! (depending on your browser). Aim with the analog sticks, try what the buttons do.

The +/- keys on your keyboard increase/decrease speed and the number of enemies spawned, feel free to cheat.

Best played in Chrome-based and WebGL-enabled browsers. Seriously, don't even attempt to play this in Safari, it will look like ass and the audio probably won't work properly. Don't be a Safari.


Dear Chancellor is like, a totally highbrow critique of late capitalism. You wouldn't understand.

Made with Construct 2 in a couple of hours. This was somewhat of a last-minute project as I had other obligations and I lost like half a day of work to a system freeze. Because I didn't do an initial save of the project then, C2's autosave function didn't do its job. So yeah, fun times. I feel like I could have done a lot more with this idea, but there you go. Might do a post-jam version, I dunno. We'll see.


Music CC-BY-SA by Jake Cataford

Laser Sound and Mega Horn from

Explosion Sprites from Adam Atomic's Abandonauts Set

Amazing Coin Sprites by Clint Bellanger under CC-BY-SA

Picture of Merkel wearing 3D glasses CC-BY-SA by Armin Kübelbeck

Picture of Merkel's Hands CC-BY-SA by Armin Linnartz

Menu screen gif from some movie via google image search, sue me.